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Coastal or Offshore - Feature Comparison


    Coastal Offshore
    1st position sensor


    2nd position sensor - YES
    Echo sounder - YES
    Digitizer - YES

    Gyro compass

    - YES
    Magnetic compass - YES
    Speed log - YES
    Drift, wind, temperature - YES
    Autopilot - YES
    Navtex interface capability (Suitable Navtex required with RS232 printer output) -


    WP in/out capability - YES
    Playback feature - YES

    Tides and Current (Optional)

    Coastal Offshore
    Tidal heights and tidal graphics for port entry OPTION OPTION
    Ocean currents OPTION OPTION

    Screen Resolutions

    Coastal Offshore
    1280 x 1024 - YES
    1024 x 768 YES YES
    800 x 600 YES YES
    Playback - YES

    PC Interfacing

    Coastal Offshore
    Works with Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT YES YES
    Software distribution on CD YES YES


    Basic Features

    Coastal Offshore
    Colour vector chart presentation YES YES
    All spot depths full sea bed information YES YES
    Day / dusk / night display YES YES
    Zoom (in / out) YES YES
    Chart autoload YES YES
    Instant range & bearing calculation YES YES
    Chart scrolling YES YES
    User definable layers YES YES
    Info. function YES YES

    Additional Features

    Coastal Offshore
    Automatic system detection set up YES YES
    Route planning function YES YES
    Search and rescue function YES YES
    Route checking function - YES
    Port information function - YES
    Add Inf. - YES


    Coastal Coastal
    Sensor failure, XTE off-course, off-route, off-chart alarms YES YES
    WP guard zone (GZ), danger approach YES YES
    Anti grounding - YES
    Route planning - YES


    Coastal Offshore
    Navigational information automatic entry - YES
    Printout facility - YES
    Screen printing - YES

    Chart Correction/Upgrade Service

    Coastal Offshore
    Chart upgrade capability YES YES


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