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Weather Wizard Knowledge Base (FAQ)

What PC and software do I need in order to run WW?

All you need is a standard PC (Pentium or above is fine) running Windows 98, NT, 2000 or ME. You will also need Microsoft Outlook 98 or 2000, or Outlook Express 5.5 or better.

Where does the data for WW come from?

All data used by WW is obtained direct from the UK Meteorological Office's supercomputer at Bracknell. For parts of the world for which the UK Met Office does not monitor weather, data is purchased from the local Met. Office. However, this data is then fed into the UKMO weather model and so the UKMO computer exclusively generates the forecasts used by WW.

What information is available via WW?

The following parameters are available: Pressure, Wind Strength and Direction and, for both Wind-Generated Waves and for Swell: Height, Period and Direction.

What area does it cover?

WW can provide you with forecasts for anywhere in the world. You decide how big an area you want a forecast for and at what resolution (distance between data points), which will vary for each user. But remember that forecasts have to 50KB or less.

Do I get any forecasts as part of the package?

Yes, as part of your WW purchase you get 1500 KB of weather data. How you use this is up to you entirely.

What happens when I run out of data?

Simply call us up or contact your local dealer and "recharge" your account by credit card in blocks of 15 forecasts, just like a pay-as-you-go phone.

How up to date are the forecasts?

The data you receive is as up to date as you can get. Our computers are in daily contact with the Met Office computers, and receive over 1200 files containing weather information each day.

How long do my credits last for?

The credits don't have a life span; they are issued to an email address and stay there until they are used.


I am unable to view a forecast I requested.

Check that the forecast you wish to view has been selected for use in Weather Forecast Manager.

Can I use a mobile phone when sending and receiving forecast information?

You can use a mobile phone, even a satellite phone. The way you send and receive forecast data is entirely up to the user. It all comes down to which ever is the most cost effective for you. Forecasts on average are in the region of about 20 to 25KB's in size, so it would depend on the user, which they would prefer to use.

If I request a forecast for a period beginning 2 days in the future, will it be sent in 2 days time, or will it be sent immediately, but with data commencing in 2 days time?

If you request a forecast for 2 days time, you will receive the forecast in 2 days time. This is only because the forecast wont be as accurate if sent out straight away, then if received on the morning of the date requested for.

Which area do I need?

An easy mistake is to order a small area of coverage. When looking at pressure and wave charts, a small area can be confusing, think where your prevailing weather comes from and extend your area to cover this.

What parameters do I need?

It is unlikely that you will require all parameters at any one time, so decide exactly what you need for the job in hand. This is especially important when downloading e-mail through an on-board satellite link or mobile.

What do I need to see?

If you are running WW as a stand-alone module on your home or office computer, you do not need any of the additional navigational layers. In the Chart menu under information layers you will be able to turn off any layers which you do not feel you need.

What should I display?

One of the useful features of WW is the ability to display more than one information layer at a time. From the ease of understanding, it is advisable not to display more than two layers at a time. It is better to run through a number of clear and understandable data sets than run the risk of misinterpreting the information.


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